Mastering Toilet Learning

Jan 10, 2020

“We are so worried he is going to get kicked out of school. He is the only person having accidents in his class, and it’s not just pee, it’s poop too!”

“I am so overwhelmed. I have tried charts, rewards, and punishments. Nothing is working, and she is way too old for...

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3 Parenting Fails

Jan 03, 2020

Read this slowly and let it soak in.

These are the core reasons you may be having a hard time.

#1 You see your child as an opponent rather than a teammate. 

Let that soak in. When your child is losing it you see him as trying to take you down, taking you for granted or driving you insane....

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Introducing Sleepy Cues

Dec 17, 2019

 Need sleep? I found the perfect solution for you.

Introducing Sleepy Cues, Robin and Jenn!!!!

 Together, we have 12 years of experience and have worked with hundreds of clients as we teach and help families have a healthy sleep routine for their children.

Why focus your skillset on...

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Remember to Laugh

Dec 10, 2019

When your child mispronounces a word, don’t rush to correct, laugh to yourself about how cute it sounds.

When your child gets themselves dressed and layers on three shirts and two skirts, laugh to yourself and enjoy their style.

When your child sings a song for the millionth time with all...

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My Toddler Keeps Hitting Me!

Jul 07, 2019

What do you suggest when my toddler keeps hitting me when he is upset or unhappy?


First of all, I am going to address the elephant in the room. Your hitting toddler is not a reflection of your abilities as a parent. Whether this phase is months old or longer, I consider both you and him as...

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Possibly Racist: Maybe Yes, Maybe No.Possibly Racist: Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

Jun 26, 2019

Three 4 year old children were playing together.

Girl A: Who should I give this stick to?

Girl B and Boy: Me, me, me!

Girl A: I can’t give it to you. You are not my same color.

Which response did I coach…?
You’re not picking a color. You are picking a friend.

That’s it....

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A Parenting Coach and A Shattering Heart

Jun 13, 2019

NY Times Parenting article written by Norma Newton, I’m Darker than My Daughter. Here Is Why It Matters, references my work. This opinion piece is raw and brutally honest. Norma’s transparency shares a glimpse into the depth and range of my support as a Parenting Coach.

In this case,...

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Self-Worth: Parenting Without Disclaimers

Jun 06, 2019

Did you know your responses to people in public are displays of your self worth?

Compliments you hear as a woman:

Passerby: I love your blouse.
You: Really? It’s so old. I got it on sale.

Passerby: Wow, your hair looks great.
You: Does it! I haven’t washed it in days.

Passerby: That was...

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Parent the Whole Child, Not the Challenging Behavior

Jun 06, 2019

Challenging behavior in early childhood can be a beast.

Challenging behavior in early childhood can bring down the most patient parents and leave you at a loss.

“I spend all day screaming at him.”

“He never listens.”

“She only does what she wants.”


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Mommy Created Defiance Issue?

May 09, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I am often asked about my process when working with families.  In response, I will be rolling out the Case Study Series. This series will provide a window into the services I am honored to provide children and families. While I am unable to go into extensive detail due...

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My best tips for helping a child overcome mean reactions.

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