Beginning the Conversation: Racism and Children

Wondering how to go about this?

I am here to provide empathic support and age appropriate strategies.

It is an important and necessary conversation to have.

Let's Start The Conversation

Key benefits from this course

You will learn the unspoken day to day impact of Racism has on Children, Families, and the Community.

You will be gain access to strategies you can use both at home and when you all step out into the world.

You will create a solid entry point into a complicated topic and maintain open and honest dialogue. This will assure your children come to you in the future to discuss these sensitive topics when they arise in their day to day lives.

You will meet your child at their level and allow them to become critical thinkers.

Allow me to share my many years of experience with you. There is no reason to tackle the subject of Racism alone. Let's create meaningful and sustainable progress together.

Joshua Castillo @Ask the Child Whisperer


This course was created to provide empathic support, pertinent information and inspiration.

With a child's perspective in mind, I address topics based on real-life situations. I provide anecdotes to help you envision awkward moments and possible points of contention. The course contains specific phrases you can make your own.

Portions of this course make for great conversation starters.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still reading, it's because you know you need help.  You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.  Racism is a problem, not talking about it only makes it worse.

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